What is Bat Rolling?

Bat rolling is a process that can add incredible pop and distance to any softball or baseball bat. Everyone knows that bats get hotter the more times you hit them. The problem is, by the time you have put hundreds of hits on the bat it is well on it’s way to being worn out. By rolling your bat you can enjoy the bat’s maximum potential from the very first swing without putting all the wear and tear on it.

The bat is placed between two rollers and then pressure is applied. As the bat passes through the rollers, the bat’s fibers are stretched out. This causes the fibers to become more flexible which greatly improves the bat’s trampoline effect. The greater the bat flexes when making contact with the ball, speed is increased and distance is gained.

It also makes the sweet spot larger and much more consistent.

Anyone can become a bat roller for $400, don't send your $300 to be experimented on. Super Hot Bats has shaved and rolled thousands of softball and baseball bats. We know how much pressure to apply to each bat. Too much pressure can cause the bat to crack.

Trust someone who has worked on plenty of bats.
Not someone who just purchased a machine and needs bats to experiment on. 

Super Hot Bats will have your bat rolled and on its way back to you the same day!!

Each bat rolling comes with proof!


If you're interested in having your bat(s) shaved,
Super Hot Bats will include a free rolling!


The customer will assume all responsibilities and risks for any alterations made to the bat. Super Hot Bats shaves bats for exhibitions, home run derby's and outlaw leagues where it is legal to use them. Our shaved bats are not to be used in sanctioned game play. Shaved bats may potentially harm other players and the consumer assumes all risks and responsibilities if anyone is ever injured with our bats. 


Super Hot Bats is not responsible in any way if slight alterations have to be made to the bat in order to accomplish the shaving process. It is very possible the balance of the bat will feel different than when stock due to the material removed and any end-loading added back in.There is no warranty if cracking or denting occurs after bat shaving. We recommend very little batting practice after the bat is altered. Also, please do not use your bat if the temperature is below 60 degrees. Following these guidelines will maximize your bats life..

Super Hot Bats/SHB: 1161 Commerce Drive Madison, GA 30650  Phone: (747) 900-2287

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