From the time you purchase our service to the time your bat is returned to you, there will be an open line of communication. We strive to go above and beyond for our customers. We appreciate you and your business and don't take it for granted!!!


You can call/text us anytime during the day and even at night and you will get a response.

#1 in Customer Service Hands down!

After purchase, please fill out the release form here.
Please ship your bat to:

1161 Commerce Drive
Madison, GA 30650


Please also attach a note to the barrel with your name, address, phone number, and what you would like the final weight to be.

 Every customer receives a video of their bat on the lathe!!!

No matter what bat you have, we can increase the performance of it by 40-70ft. No two bats are made the same and that is important because no two bats should be cut the same. We have spent years testing different cuts on different bats until we found the perfect balance between performance and durability.  Be sure to choose a company that not only has experience but shows proof. With SUPER HOT BATS all bats are cut on a Lathe with a Digital Read Out (DRO). That ensures that the exact amount is taken out. If your bat is being cut on a lathe without one or even worse a drill cross your fingers in hopes that not too much or not enough is removed. It's a guessing game at that point. Ask for PROOF.  Secondly, we make sure to ask a lot of questions from our customers to know exactly what they are expecting from their bat. All bats are cut according to what the customer expects from it. All bat shaving services include shaving, rolling, and polymer coating.

Our goal is to keep you as a customer for the entire duration of your softball career!




The customer will assume all responsibilities and risks for any alterations made to the bat. Super Hot Bats shaves bats for exhibitions, home run derby's and outlaw leagues where it is legal to use them. Our shaved bats are not to be used in sanctioned game play. Shaved bats may potentially harm other players and the consumer assumes all risks and responsibilities if anyone is ever injured with our bats. 


Super Hot Bats is not responsible in any way if slight alterations have to be made to the bat in order to accomplish the shaving process. It is very possible the balance of the bat will feel different than when stock due to the material removed and any end-loading added back in.There is no warranty if cracking or denting occurs after bat shaving. We recommend very little batting practice after the bat is altered. Also, please do not use your bat if the temperature is below 60 degrees. Following these guidelines will maximize your bats life..

Super Hot Bats/SHB: 1161 Commerce Drive Madison, GA 30650  Phone: (747) 900-2287

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