2020 Suncoast Adidas Melee Max Balanced 13″ 2-Piece Lee Trotter SSUSA: SMMSB

2020 Suncoast Adidas Melee Max Balanced 13″ 2-Piece Lee Trotter SSUSA: SMMSB

2020 Suncoast Adidas Melee Max Balanced 13″ 2-Piece SSUSA: SMMSB


The Adidas Suncoast slowpitch softball company has breathed new life into a bat series that has been a mainstay for SSUSA softball players.

The 2020 Adidas Suncoast Melee (SMMSB) Max Series will have 3 models in the line that meet the current bat performance standards as required by SSUSA and all major Senior associations.

3 main innovations contained in these models include:
The MAX SPEED HANDLE – the small diameter handle is engineered to help maximize the whip of the bat barrel through the hitting zone resulting in max speed while still maintaining excellent control to the player.

OPTI-DURA PERFORMANCE COMPOSITE – designed to maximize durability and performance of the barrel and bat throughout its entire life. The aerospace grade carbon fiber and fiberglass materials combined with our proprietary manufacturing process will provide the player with a high-performing, long-lasting and consistent ball-bat.

STICK & SPIN BARREL TECHNOLOGY – an engineered, tackified barrel surface enhances the spin of the softball, causing its trajectory to rise higher, providing maximum flight performance to reach its maximum distance.

Endorsed by Suncoast Staff Advisor Lee Trotter, this bat has a 13″ barrel and a speed balanced load.


The 2020 Suncoast Adidas Melee Max Balanced 13″ Bat Features: 


Model: 2020 Suncoast Adidas Melee Max 13 Balanced 13″ 2-Piece SSUSA Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat-SMMSB - LEE TROTTER MODEL
Weighting: Balanced
Barrel Length: 13″
Construction2PC Composite
Certifications: SSUSA
Tech: Uses same composite as 1PC predecessors. 2PC provides more flex and responsiveness. (SAME TECHNOLOGY AS ADIDAS MELEE)
-Stick and spin barrel technology (provides grip and more spin on the ball)
Opti-Dura Performance Composite
Max-Speed 3/4″ Handle
Stick & Spin Tackified Barrel
Hi Energy Link Connection System
Speed Balance Load
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    To purchase this bat shaved, please select "SHAVED/ROLLED/POLY" plus the desired final weight. If needing a weight that isn't listed, please select "SHAVED/ROLLED/POLY- Custom Weight" and fill out a release form with desired final weight.