The customer will assume all responsibilities and risks for any alterations made to the bat. Super Hot Bats shaves bats for exhibitions, home run derby's and outlaw leagues where it is legal to use them. Our shaved bats are not to be used in sanctioned game play. Shaved bats may potentially harm other players and the consumer assumes all risks and responsibilities if anyone is ever injured with our bats. 


Super Hot Bats is not responsible in any way if slight alterations have to be made to the bat in order to accomplish the shaving process. It is very possible the balance of the bat will feel different than when stock due to the material removed and any end-loading added back in.There is no warranty if cracking or denting occurs after bat shaving. We recommend very little batting practice after the bat is altered. Also, please do not use your bat if the temperature is below 60 degrees. Following these guidelines will maximize your bats life..

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2019 Easton Fab4 Clark 13" USSSA Endloaded : SP1913L

2019 Easton Fab 4 Clark 13″ Loaded USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat:SP1913L



-Grip the ball and generate more backspin
-More backspin = further distance off the barrel
-Takes a normal swing, and the ball will react as if it was “cut”, with extra spin
-Simulates applying “tack” to your barrel, to generate more backspin RPM

Part of the Exclusive Fab 4 Family

Limited Edition (Only 500 Made Per Model)

Model: 2019 Easton Fab 4 Clark FF2 13″ Loaded USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat-SP1913L
Certifications: USSSA, NSA, ISA
Construction: 2PC FireFlex2 Composite
Barrel Length: 13″
Weighting: LOADED
Tech: EXACT Carbon – Provides better vibration reduction in the hands while optimizing barrel performance & Spintech Technology (described above)
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Breakage


    To purchase this bat shaved, please select "SHAVED/ROLLED/POLY" plus the desired final weight. If needing a weight that isn't listed, please select "SHAVED/ROLLED/POLY- Custom Weight" and fill out a release form with desired final weight. 

$299.99 Regular Price
$224.99Sale Price